Don’t Buy Rotolight

In the age of the internet there are many reasons we might choose to buy or not buy a specific product. We have a wealth of knowledge (and opinion) at out fingertips. At its most idealistic the internet is a place to share ideas and information. One factor we can consider much more easily now when […]


Media Composer 7: 25 New Features

Editor editor Wim Van den Broeck (@editorbelga) has put together a great set of slides highlighting, in brilliantly simple fashion, 25 new features in Media Composer 7. It should probably be pointed out that Wim is not an Avid employee, so these images are not official Avid marketing material. If you’re not following Wim on Twitter, […]

Media Composer 7: Titler Pro

If you’ve ever made titles in Media Composer it’s probably safe to assume two things: You’ve been frustrated by Title Tool and baffled by Marquee. The Avid Title Tool is simple and efficient, it works pretty well and is surprisingly useful, but it’s also very limited. If you ever stumble across a manual from a very early […]

After Effects: 2D Tracking with 3D Camera Tracker

Occasionally when trying to do basic 2D tracking in After Effects I find myself in a situation where I just can’t get a useful track. Either my tracking point is obscured or something crosses. However I find that After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker can get great fixes on things because of the way it tracks […]

The New Mac Pro – Why?

Apple announced their long awaited new Mac Pro at WWDC today. It’s different. Very different. There are, of course, many differing views on the new design, and it certainly wasn’t the complete failure that some cynics (myself included at times) expected. Indeed, the new machine boasts some decent specifications – new Xeon E5 processors, super-fast SSD […]

Adobe In the Cloud

Today at the Adobe MAX conference Adobe made a very big announcement: Boxed products are dead, as are large versioned releases. The internet freaked out. No offense, @Adobe, but this feels like the biggest money grab in the history of software: (Okay, *some* offense.) — David Hobby (@strobist) May 6, 2013 Up to $600 […]