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  • Shahan Mohammed

    I’m really looking forward to CutRec… Could you send us a beta to test out?

  • Georgia Burn

    Hi there Dylan, I would like to speak to you about some possible on-line work. Can you contact me please. Georgiaburn@greatsouthern.tv I look forward to hearing from you. 

  • brent spillane

    Hi Dylan, Can you contact me please on brentspillane@yahoo.com regarding ‘cutrec’. We have some studio shoots through july and august.

  • The Arioch


    1) posterous link is dead
    2) add QR picture please, so people could easily open that pag from desktop to mobile

  • The Arioch

    made a comment but it was screened with anti-spam. Please, reply if you can read it.

  • Domhnall Ó

    Hi Dylan how’s it going… I read your stuff about Jane o Brien Media. I keep getting stuff from it looking for me to recruit, and after reading about how it does pay well I was about to do it until I read about it from you. It’s teh most bizarre thing I’ve come across in a long while. Have you a way I can chat to you about it?