Dylan at NAB

I’ll be at NAB in a little over a week. If you’re also at NAB and want to catch up then check out my posted schedule, send me an email, or drop me a line on Twitter.

As well as roaming the show floor looking a gadgets I don’t need and can’t afford I’ll also be appearing daily on the EditShare stand to talk about what I do in my day job and how EditShare’s products (specifically XStream, Ark, Flow and Geevs) are instrumental in the production of 250 episodes a year of NZ’s highest rating drama series.

I’m also going to catch up with the Avid Community team for an interview on their stand at 4pm Wednesday.

Also, if you’re free on Wednesday night then come and join me for the Penn & Teller show – I’ve secured some great rates, but act quick because I have to confirm the numbers by April 3rd.


Starting Again

Thanks to a very my very unfortunate mistake my former hosting provider, TekTonic.net, deleted the Virtual Server that stored this website (and a bunch of other things). Long story short is that I didn’t have sufficient backups of the website content and at this stage it doesn’t look like it will be possible to restore the server as it existed before.

I will try to restore as much content as I can recover to this website over the next couple of weeks, unfortunately it’s very likely that some things will have been lost forever.

For more details on exactly what happened see my post here: TekTonic Deleted My VPS

You should take this as a timely reminder to ensure you have useful backups of things that are important to you, even if you believe them to be safe.