4K and the Future

NAB 2012 is just around the corner and it seems the buzz this year is going to be 4K. Last year it was 3D, and this year it’s 4K. RED has been there for a while and Jim Jannard has been calling 1080P a “mistake” for years. Now Sony and Canon are jumping on board and others are sure to get into it too.

So then does this mean that 4K is the future, or in fact if the cameras are here now – is it the present?

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Sony F3 Almost as Much as RED!

Since the pricing on Sony’s new PMW-F3 came out  – €20,700, or around US$28,000, with three lenses – the cry heard around the internet has been “but that’s almost as much as a RED One!”

But is it?

When RED came to the market a few years ago their pricing was completely crazy, and still is much lower than many competitors. If you ask some interested person how much a RED One costs they will probably say “about $20,000″ – which is just about right. The original RED One was $17,500 and the improved RED One MX currently costs $25,000. But that’s the bare body – we’re not comparing apples to apples, so how much does RED One cost?

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