Send Me to NAB

It probably won’t come as news to many but, as I write this, there is a fairly large event on in Las Vegas that is somewhat related to the topics I write about. Also to the work I do on a daily basis. The event, of course, is the National Association of Broadcasters Convention 2012. […]


Have Autodesk Smoked The Competition?

From a post-production perspective Autodesk’s announcement of Smoke 2013 has probably been the biggest news of NAB 2012. Smoke is an established product from Autodesk. Initially it was a high-end system running only on expensive turnkey Linux systems, then in 2009 they released Smoke for Mac – able to run on a fairly standard MacPro […]

Starting Again

Thanks to a very my very unfortunate mistake my former hosting provider,, deleted the Virtual Server that stored this website (and a bunch of other things). Long story short is that I didn’t have sufficient backups of the website content and at this stage it doesn’t look like it will be possible to restore the server […]