Wipster – Client Video Sharing

It’s been quite a while since I did a lot of work for varied clients. Way back then it was a constant pain to share our edits with clients and get their feedback. We were either sending DVDs or uploading files to places like YouTube, then exchanging emails.

At the time I looked for better options, but nothing I found seemed affordable or usable.

Fast forward a few years and the work I do doesn’t really require that type of client feedback so I’ve stopped looking. Therefore I was surprised to learn about Wipster – a new(ish) web-based service designed to do exactly what I needed a few years back. Not only that, they are a Kiwi company!

Anyway, they gave me a demo account (but you can try it for free anyway) so that I could see what they’d made and tell them (and you) what I thought… So what follows is a review of what Wipster is offering and my thoughts on the services based on my reasonably varied post-production experience.

I also have two free one-year business accounts to give away — check the end of the post for details!

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