After Effects: 2D Tracking with 3D Camera Tracker

Occasionally when trying to do basic 2D tracking in After Effects I find myself in a situation where I just can’t get a useful track. Either my tracking point is obscured or something crosses. However I find that After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker can get great fixes on things because of the way it tracks hundreds of points…

So that left me with an issue – how do I get a useful 2D track from the data created by the 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects? Turns out it’s pretty simple…


  • Jon

    Great help. Thank you. Puzzled by this for while until I found you!

  • Jacob Bolton

    I always forget that the basic tracker is a WINDOW, not an EFFECT.. Lol, your first 40 seconds cleared that up.. and you explained the 3d tracker quite well with a very effective shot for the example. Thank you!!

  • Yooofi

    thanks so much. I have been looking for a way to attach points to a 3d ae camera in a way that they wont scale for a type of google zooming in animation where the locations stay the same size but their position is of course changed because of the zooming in.

    just one trick for you in return:
    when you’re applying the 3d switch for the object you want to composite relative
    to the null of the 3d Tracker, you could simply Shift+Pick whip to the null you created and that will move the layer to the position of the null with no hassle. Basically it
    copies the position information from the null to the layer making it align in place
    from there it will be relatively easy to put your layer exactly where you want it.
    hope that helps

  • Wildan Haitami

    do you have plug-in 3d camera tracker?? i dun have, can you attach here??

  • Karim AL-Amin

    Thank you sooooooo much