Colour Correction in Avid Symphony (Video)

As I detailed in my previous What is Avid Symphony? post, colour correction is the feature that most sets Symphony apart from Media Composer. More specifically it’s relational colour correction tools – but that’s a little hard to clearly explain in writing, so I pickup a microphone and screen capture software and made a video.

I try to cover the basics about what tools are present in the Avid Symphony colour correction toolset and demonstrate exactly how the relational colour correction tools can work and improve¬†efficiency when grading within the Avid NLE, and even how they might offer advantages against traditionally more powerful grading applications like Resolve or Apple’s Color.

This is a pretty brief introduction, and obviously exactly how useful the features will be is going to depend a lot on the type and structure of your projects. If you have any questions, please let me know.

As a reminder – Avid is offering a very competitive crossgrade/upgrade offer on Symphony at the moment, if these features are something that might benefit your work then I’ve covered that offer and some other considerations in more detail in What is Avid Symphony?