CutRec allows live vision switching decisions to be recorded as an EDL for use in an NLE. Its primary use is in multi-camera as-live production. By recording on all cameras and creating an EDL you are given a significant head-start in post-production.

Compared to traditional multi-camera production where there will typically be Line recording and one or two ISO cameras recordings CutRec presents a much more flexible alternative. Recording locally on each camera (or with multiple off-board recorders) the editor is presented with the ability to use any angle at any time. Combined with an EDL the initial live-switching decisions made by a director are immediately conformed on the edit suite timeline.

CutRec can interact directly with Blackmagic Design’s ATEM vision switchers – either acting as a controller or recording the switching commands from another controller. The ATEM series switchers present professional features at a very affordable price point with models to suit different needs and budgets.


  • Record switching decisions on up to eight inputs.
  • Control Blackmagic Design ATEM vision mixers from simple interface, or;
  • Record the switching commands from external controllers
  • Configurable reel/source naming
  • Variable timecode offset for whole sequence and/or individual inputs
  • Export industry-standard CMX3600 EDL


CutRec is available with a flexible licensing model depending on the number of inputs required. Time-limited licenses can also be made available.

A feature-limited trial version is available for evaluation purposes.

Known Limitation

  • A maximum of eight inputs can be recorded.


  • Blackmagic ATEM software/drivers
    (CutRec can be operated in software-only mode, but ATEM drivers must sill be installed)
  • Windows XP or later


Coming soon.