templater2Templater is a small tool I have created that allows Avid editors to create project templates.

The all new version 2 has just been released after nearly 4 years. It has been updated to support some changes to Avid project structure. Preset project name support has also been added.

Templater allows editors to create a project with all the bins, folder and sequences that will be frequently reused, and then deploy new projects based on the template project.

I created Templater to address a specific need, but have tried to make it flexible enough to work for a variety of situations.

If you feel it’s made your life easier feel free to make a donation.

Known Issues:

  • Includes only basic sanity checks. May still be possible to create project names that Avid can’t cope with.
  • Any bins that were left open when the template project was closed will still be open in new projects but will appear in Other Bins folder amd will link to original template project.
  • In a Unity environment some settings (such as open bins, and imported bins from other projects) are stored in the client-specific settings. These will be copied, but will still only work on that client.

Release Notes:

Version – Mar 1, 2013

  • Totally re-written
  • Support for newer Avid projects (including new XML project settings file)
  • Name presets with variable substitution

Version – Jun 18, 2009

  • Fixed errors when using projects with names longer than 18 characters.

Version – Jun 16, 2009

  • Added ability to change target directory.
  • Program stores previous source and target directories.
  • Makes basic file name sanity checks.

Version – Feb 2, 2009

  • Changed application Icon.

Version – Jan 30, 2009

  • First version.


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