Send Me to NAB

It probably won’t come as news to many but, as I write this, there is a fairly large event on in Las Vegas that is somewhat related to the topics I write about. Also to the work I do on a daily basis. The event, of course, is the National Association of Broadcasters Convention 2012.

I am not in Las Vegas, I am at home in New Zealand reading about the show, as I have for years, on the internet. However I want to go to the show next year, and I’m hoping you can help me (and hopefully I can help you in turn). I am attempting to crowd-fund my trip to NAB 2013.

I told a couple of people about this idea ahead of time. A few were supportive, but others were dismissive – something along the lines of “you want people to pay for your holiday?”

The answer to that is yes, and no. Sure, I’d love to visit Vegas, meet up with American friends and colleagues and trash hotel rooms, but it’s more than that. My interest in NAB is professional – it’s part of my personal professional development, if that makes sense. I work professionally in television post-production, but I also have a passion for the industry and the technology it’s built on. My employer can’t really justify sending staff to NAB, so I’m on my own.

However what I am planning to do is more than just idly wander around looking at shiny gadgets and hunting out corporate hospitality. I want to learn, and I want to share. A large part of my involvement with technology has always been as a translator – I take in technical information and I translate it into terms and concepts that can (hopefully) be easily understood by others.

This is something I’ve done as a part of almost every job I’ve ever had, and also something I’ve done for a wider audience. I’ve written for a broad audience on technical subjects for a number of publications and websites, I’ve actively contributed thousands of posts to a variety of online communities and I’ve even hosted a talkback radio show about computers and technology. It is something I enjoy doing and that I believe I’m good at.

So that is what I hope to be doing in Las Vegas in April 2013. I want to serve as a technical conduit for any interested parties. For businesses with an interest in a specific technology or market segment I’m happy to learn as much as I can and provide direct and relevant consultation about the options specific to their needs. For individuals observing NAB from home I’ll make myself available to seek direct answers about new products or services.

I’m also entirely willing to make myself available to vendors in any way I can. I’m not a big-name speaker or post-production mover-and-shaker but I have been using many products in many ways on high-profile and demanding projects for years.

So I want you (or people you know) to send me to NAB 2013 to work – for you. To learn more, please check out my Indiegogo project page: Dylan Does NAB or contact me directly via email (nab @, Twitter (@dylanreeve) or directly on this site.